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I met Doris serendipitously about a decade ago. In chatting, we discovered that we had similar values and outlooks on things. So, I decided to trust my instincts and see what she had to offer as a financial advisor.

Ten years in, and Doris is still a great listener, knowledgeable and financially savvy. She provides various options and explains their respective pros and cons. Her greatest strength, in my opinion, is her untiring dedication and flexibility to help each and every client meet their financial goals. Every person that I have recommended to Doris over the years has echoed this sentiment — she listened to them, explained things fully, made them feel comfortable, and empowered them with a custom-tailored plan. My financial portfolio (funds, insurance, investments) has never been healthier, and Doris has been a guiding and helpful influence throughout. 





Doris has been my financial advisor for 9 years. She has always been right on top of my accounts and has always given me very sound advice.  She is knowledgeable and is extremely efficient  in the way that she has dealt  with my accounts.  I have absolute confidence in her so much so that when she moved companies I followed her.  I previously had a rough ride in 2008/9 which left me very nervous  about the markets, Doris restored my confidence.  I am very happy to recommend Doris for any  of your financial needs.


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